Saturday, February 4, 2017

Conversations | Commenting Back

Conversations is a meme created by the Joan @ Fiddler Blue & Geraldine @ Corralling Books!  This week's conversation is about commenting back.  Do you always comment back? Should commenting back be compulsory?

Like most bloggers, I absolutely love getting comments on my posts.  Someone could literally just comment ":)" and I would still freak out.  I read and respond to all of the comments I get, unless it's something that I can't really respond to (such as a smiley face).  I'm a part of the "Bloggers Commenting Back" campaign by Readers in Wonderland, so not only do I respond to people's comments on my blog, but I also will visit their blog and read and comment on one of their posts!  I think this is super important because not only do I get exposed to more great blogs, but I also get to have some awesome conversations with other bloggers!

However, I understand that not everyone can do this.  I have a pretty small blog, so it's easy for me to respond to comments and return the favor.  But someone who gets hundreds of comments will have a much harder time doing this, so I totally think it's okay if they don't respond to my comment or comment back.

What do you guys think?  Should everyone comment back?  Should people with a small amount of followers comment back?  Let me know in the comments!