Review Policy

Current Status: I am not accepting review requests at this time.

Genres: All YA and some NA

Format: I mostly only accept hard copies, but I also accept some Kindle copies.

My Rating System:
1 Star: DNF (did not finish)
2 Stars: It did not enjoy reading it, but I finished it
3 Stars: It was okay
4 Stars: I enjoyed reading it
5 Stars: It was amazing!!!

Time Frame: I am in college, and I have a job as well as many other extra-curricular activities.  I still find time to read, but it sometimes gets a little hard.  Once I start a book, it usually only takes me a few days to read it.  However, it might take a little while to get to your book.  Be patient, I will get to it eventually!  If you have a specific time you need the review by, make sure to specify it in the email, so I have a heads-up! 

Submit review requests through email:

*Note: If I do not respond to your email, don't take it personally!  Most of the time, I just don't have the time to read a book, or it does not seem like the type of book that I would be interested in (doesn't mean there aren't countless other readers who will!).

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